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Online Sweepstakes Software Helps OT Sports Win Sales

Posted on | September 21, 2010 | No Comments

OT SPORTS logoStarted in Prague and relocated back to North Carolina by two Wisconsin brothers, OT Sports has found a unique niche in the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of custom team uniforms, licensed replica jerseys and sideline apparel.

Its online presence gives it easy access to international markets.  And while it continues to grow (now with almost 70 employees), a lean profile keeps it focused on cost-effective marketing efforts. While it serves a specialized market, the typical buyer – team coaches and managers – are very transitional and often change with the seasons.  “We sell to schools and minor leagues whose coaches change frequently, so we need to refresh our mail lists seasonally and that’s difficult,” says Lori Wade, marketing and sales representative at OT Sports.

The company found Ennect online when it was investigating different ways to build awareness for its products. “We started using Sweeps in July doing one online contest,” says Wade.  “It was so successful, that we started a second one a month later.”

The company began using Sweeps to promote its lacrosse team uniforms, drawing its first winner at the end of July. The success of that promotion motivated OT Sports to begin a separate contest to promote hockey team uniforms.

“We’ve increased the new names on our mail list by 70% as a result of the sweepstakes promotion,” says Wade.

Wade created an initial email to introduce the Sweeps to existing customers.  “Since then,” she says, “it’s grown by word of mouth and through people seeing it on our homepage.”

The popular contests are an easy way for Wade to collect the contact information and data she needs to identify potential buyers.  She uses the Sweeps form to collect email and address information as well as data about whether the contact is the person responsible for purchasing uniforms.  The downloadable Ennect reports allow her to easily update her sales and marketing database. And after letting Sweeps select the winner automatically, she simply follows up with a congratulations email.

“It’s a great program, easy to use, and it’s been successful for us,” says Wade. “Not only has it brought us new customers, but it’s brought back existing customers who we haven’t done business with for a while or who forgot that they bought from us. Since most of our jobs are relatively small, it’s important that we have fresh contactsEnnect Sweeps is inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of work; that makes it a winner in my book.”

If you’re a team coach and would like to enter one of OT Sports Sweeps, click on one of the links below… and good luck to you:

To enter the sweepstakes to win hockey uniform, click here.

To enter the sweepstakes to win lacrosse shorts, click here.

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