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Howz It Goin Out There Manufacturers? Here’s a Resource for You

Posted on | August 30, 2010 | No Comments

With the economy not doing as well as anticipated and back-to-school retail sales lower than expected, I thought it was time to see what others in the industrial marketing community were saying to manufacturers these days.  (Was I looking for colleagues-in-arms or still feeling residual guilt for the “Hey Manufacturing! Stop Whining. Start Marketing.” post?)  

No matter.  I came across something I thought I’d share – GlobalSpec’s 2010 Economic Outlook Survey: How Industrial Companies can Succeed in the Current Economy which you can find here:

The report includes interesting information on the state of industry, valuable stats about the growth of online use by industrial engineers and product developers, and offers a benchmark by which to measure your own industrial marketing efforts. 

But mostly I mention the report for these reasons:

  • The survey was done in January and contains useful marketing guidance for industrial sector companies.  For example:

“… 61% of respondents working in the Semiconductor & Electronics industry, and 59% in the Automotive industry, expect sales to be up in 2010 … 58% of those in Consumer Products/Electronics and 57% in Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber anticipate higher sales in 2010 as well.

Suppliers that provide products and services to industries that are showing improvements should invest in marketing to increase their visibility, maintain competitiveness, and open up opportunities to win new business. On the other hand, suppliers and service providers that primarily sell into the hardest hit industries should determine if their products can meet customer needs in industries that are beginning to rebound, and if so, develop messaging for these customers and plan marketing programs that target these industries.”

(Note the emphasis on continuing to market appropriately whether in a growing or declining segment!)

  • The date of the survey raises a question about whether – given recent economic news – these sectors have actually recovered over the year and whether marketing has played a part.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.  Please share this quick survey: 

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