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Howz It Goin Out There Manufacturers? Here’s a Resource for You

With the economy not doing as well as anticipated and back-to-school retail sales lower than expected, I thought it was time to see what others in the industrial marketing community were saying to manufacturers these days.  (Was I looking for colleagues-in-arms or still feeling residual guilt for the “Hey Manufacturing! Stop Whining. Start Marketing.” post?)   […]

How Do You Emarket if You Need to Make HARD Change?

HARD Change! I’m not talking about philosophical or metaphysical change.  What I’m talking about is:  Does emarketing still work when your business requires you to make HARD change: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars? The answer is: of course it does.  But now there may be some additional emarketing tools in your arsenal besides email and online […]

A Question About Opt-Out Granularity

A recent post in the Marketing Dissector asks why most email systems only allow blanket opt-outs for recipients.  There is no simple answer to this problem, but the blame doesn’t entirely rest on the providers’ shoulders… The Mail Train (Library of Congress) One of the first things you learn in direct marketing – and this […]

Six Tips for Creating Effective Emails

Here are some easy rules to follow to assure that your emails are effective. 1. Define Your Goal Before you decide on the type of email you’re going to send, you should define your goals. By clarifying what it is you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach, you’ll have a better understanding of the […]