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Martha Stewart Uses Social Marketing to Drive Her B2B2C Business

Posted on | June 16, 2010 | No Comments

If experimenting with new social media marketing turns up positive opportunities for Martha Stewart, shouldn’t other B2B2C marketers put it to the test?

Stewart owns (is?) one of the most well-known brands in the country.  One word – HOME – embodies everything she markets and sells. When we think about “home,” however, it conjures up concepts like “safety, stability, comfort, relaxation…”  Yet, Stewart’s approach to social marketing leans more towards “experimentation,” according to a Jesse Stanchak blog post, “4 social-marketing tips from Martha Stewart,” that reported on Stewart’s presentation on June 14th at TWTRCON in New York City.

According to Stanchak, Stewart’s a bit of a social media renegade suggesting that “you shouldn’t feel pressured to comply with other people’s ideas about how you should express yourself.” He points to Stewart’s tendency to “write in unpunctuated streams, and sometimes even in block capitals, though some tell her it’s against the rules.”  Stewart’s reply: “Who the heck made these rules? That’s the way I type.”

Stewart both tweets and blogs.  You can find her at,, and   The latter is a blog about Stewart’s French bulldogs that actually led to a line of pet products which she markets in partnership with PetSmartIt’s a great example of how engaging and listening to your social network can help a B2B2C company develop new market opportunities.

Stewart’s, of course, isn’t the only B2B2C company experimenting with social media, but there are a lot more who are hesitant to do so.  While it clearly makes sense to have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, some companies use that as an excuse to not try social marketing.  And, sure, there are companies who have gotten burned, but if you’re monitoring your company and your social media appropriately, there are more benefits than brickbats for your efforts. 

To read more about how Stewart’s B2B2C business approaches social networking, click here.

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