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The Little Kid on the Ukulele Drove Me to SEARCH

Driving to work this morning the radio almost drove me off the side of the road when the car in front of me stopped suddenly.  Distracted, I was singing along to a rendition of “I’m Yours,” a popular Jason Mraz song sung by, well, at that point, I wasn’t sure whom.  I was actually listening […]

The New KISS: Keep It Simple and SOCIAL!

KISS is a familiar acronym that roles off of most of our tongues as “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” But as much as I like the “Keep It Simple” part of that description, I’ve never been a big fan of being called “Stupid.” And the emergence of social media provides a perfect opportunity to shake “the […]

Martha Stewart Uses Social Marketing to Drive Her B2B2C Business

If experimenting with new social media marketing turns up positive opportunities for Martha Stewart, shouldn’t other B2B2C marketers put it to the test? Stewart owns (is?) one of the most well-known brands in the country.  One word – HOME – embodies everything she markets and sells. When we think about “home,” however, it conjures up concepts […]

Event Planners Find Premium-rated Properties Around Pittsburgh

If you’re an event planner who’s looking for top-rated venues in or near Pittsburgh where you can host your special guests, you might consider the ones below.  On the 2010 AAA (American Automobile Association) list of highly-coveted Four and Five Diamond Award recipients, many of these venues are repeat winners. The AAA rating system is the only […]

Manufacturing News is Good. Again.

It’s the “again” that counts! According to a June 1 report by the Institute for Supply Management™ Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, the manufacturing sector has shown expansion now for 10 consecutive months.  (Yeah!) The latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® also said that the overall economy has grown for 13 consecutive months!  (Woohoo!) The report’s […]