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US Cell Tower Company Surveys Landowners

Posted on | May 25, 2010 | No Comments

The measure of a company is how strong its relationship is with its business associates.  Crown Castle maintains a solid reputation with the landowners where many of its towers are located. To keep these relationships strong, the company relies on periodic landowner satisfaction surveys.   

Crown Castle owns, operates, and leases towers and other communication structures for wireless communications.  One of the largest of the US cell tower companies, Crown Castle began its communication tower operations in Southwest Texas in 1994. Today the company operates and manages over 22,000 wireless communication sites with a concentration in 92 of the top 100 US cellular markets.

One of the reasons for the company’s success is the strong relationship it has with its landowners and rooftop owners.  To monitor the strength of these relationships and to collect information useful to making them stronger, the company recently turned to Elliance, Inc.’s Ennect unit to provide turnkey development, compilation, and interpretation for its biannual landowner satisfaction survey.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide our landowners and rooftop owners,” said Keith Hartman, Crown Castle’s director of landowner relations. “The feedback from our surveys helps us to measure landowner satisfaction, monitor changing habits, and determine how we’re doing  to ensure that we have a favorable relationship with our landowners.”

In the  2010 survey Crown Castle wanted to collect input from landowners that would help it shape a  Landowner Self Service portal the company may add to its web site.  A question was posed to assess the impact of the current economic downturn and whether landowners would be more likely to sell their land.

“We were pleasantly surprised not just by the number of responses we received, but also by how positive they were,” Hartman commented. “We work hard to meet or exceed our landowners’ expectations and the surveys show that what we’re doing is obviously working.”

With over 14,000 Ennect surveys distributed, the company received a whopping 32% response rate – a testament to Crown Castle’s landowner relations policies and practices.  Showing an overall satisfaction rating of 8.9 out of 10, the survey confirmed that the service Crown Castle provides is well-received by its landowners.  The survey results also identified that 2/3rds  of the landowners would be willing to provide testimonials on behalf of the company.

Mary Costa, the Ennect director who managed the survey program and collected and processed the results for Crown Castle, paid the company a huge compliment, “To achieve a 32% response rate on a satisfaction survey is pretty unbelievable.  The fact that there was no offer attached to this survey makes it even more incredible.  Crown Castle is definitely doing something right.”

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