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Where Keywords Go, Journalists Follow

Posted on | May 24, 2010 | No Comments

Here’s another reason why marketers — and PR professionals — should pay attention to keywords.  According to Sam Whitmore, founder and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, some journalists are being pressured to write stories that will generate page views.  (No one said the influence of ad sales ever died with the transition to online media!) 

Google PageRank. Elliance, Inc.

In the “Tyranny of Page Views and SEO,” Sam says that “it’s now a luxury for a reporter to write a story about an obscure but important topic. That used to be a job requirement. Now it’s a career risk.”

What does this mean for marketers?  Well, if you’re with a new venture and you’re trying to pitch a novel idea, you might not get heard…and not because you don’t deserve it, but because it might not garner high enough page views. 

I’d hate to think that really new and unique ideas won’t get exposed anymore. Some inherent belief in good journalism gives me hope that won’t be the case.  So, I don’t think it suggests that marketers should stop presenting their ideas to the media, but I do believe it indicates that marketers ignore the “POWER OF SEARCH” at their company’s peril.  

Sam’s article appeared in this week’s issue of  IT Memo from IT Database.  Click here for more information.

Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey is a tech media analysis service designed to help PR pros win coverage. For a free trial, visit the site.  

Disclosure:  Ennect has no connection to IT Database or Sam Whitmore (other than the fact that Sam’s an old friend of this writer).

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