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Do You Know Your CAN-SPAM Rules?

Not long ago, some students in an email class I was presenting at, got into a discussion on CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003).  New users are often surprised at the extent of the penalties associated with sending SPAM or, while they’re aware of the Act itself, they’re fuzzy […]

Sweepstakes: A Tool for Small Business or Non-Profits?

Why not? Large corporations have made use of sweepstakes to promote their companies’ brands and products for years.  With the emergence of online sweepstakes tools, even small businesses can make effective use of sweeps to gain attention for themselves. But online sweepstakes can do much more.  For companies that think creatively, online sweepstakes can be an […]

Instead of ‘Newsletters,’ Why Not Make Them ‘ME-letters?’

ME-letters?  Exactly. It’s an idea offered up by Nick Panayi, one of the other marketing experts at, in response to our question, “Why do we continue to call them NEWSletters?” You might recall that recently we wrote about a response from Ardath Albee, CEO and B2B marketing strategist at Marketing Interactions Inc. Nick Panayi Nick, founder and CEO of emorfie, a […]

Finding a Designer-Friendly Platform for Enewsletters

blue tomato®, a seven-year-old Pittsburgh-based graphic design firm, is the brainchild of Kim Collins, whose work is known for its sophisticated creativity and functionality.  While blue tomato’s work covers the full gamut of design projects, the bulk of its work is Internet-based, including solutions that help companies maintain ongoing and direct touch with their customers through […]

Why do we continue to call them NEWSletters?

Today everything is about instant information delivery. News streams are constant and instantaneous. An event occurs and stories, photos, and videos are available on the Internet HOURS before the mainstream media covers them. Even company news travels quickly today via blogs, tweets, and personal email. But many company newsletters are written on a monthly or bimonthly basis. […]