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What to do about Valentine’s Day if you’re a B2B eMarketer

Posted on | January 25, 2010 | No Comments

Valentine’s Day is generally considered a consumer holiday, but what if you’re a B2B eMarketer?  Should you try to take advantage of it… or would your customers think you’re over-reaching?

Show Some Love to Your B2B Customers on Valentine's Day

Show Some Love to Your B2B Customers on Valentine's Day

The answer is: it depends.  Here are three ways you can approach Valentine’s Day without seeming over the top if you’re a B2B company.

1 – Take a Year-Round Holiday eMarketing Approach.  Valentine’s Day is just one of a series of holidays, so if you’ve started the year off with a  message to your customers about New Year’s, it may not seem odd to them to receive a Valentine’s Day eMarketing promotion from your company.  Just remember to keep the tone appropriate for your business clients.  Also, if you haven’t done so already, this might be the incentive you need to map out the rest of your holiday eMarketing program for the rest of the year.

2 – Take a B2B2C Approach.  If the businesses you sell to sell directly to consumers (B2B2C), use your Valentine’s message to help them reach their own markets.  Give them a discount they can pass along.  Offer a free service they can use to sell more (of your products).   Help them effectively pass the love on.

3 – Do a Worthy Deed.   Valens, the root of Valentine’s, means worthy.  And there are lots of worthy causes that need help from companies like yours.  A great way to show some love to your customers is to join with them in a “Cause eMarketing” program that brings both of you together to help the needy.  This type of marketing approach is growing in popularity, since everyone benefits.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Get started now – if you haven’t already done so – with your B2B eMarketing campaign.  And, if you have other ideas to share, we’d love to hear them.

Note: Ennect will be in Erie this week training the Non-Profit Alliance on how to use emarketing tools.

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