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Canada-based “Uber” Consultant Uses Emarketing to Extend Reach Worldwide

Posted on | December 29, 2009 | No Comments

BEY 4c logo-72 dpiWhen Cal Harrison started Beyond Referrals, it was partly for a lifestyle change and partly to fulfill a dream of having his own consulting business.  Coming from a marketing background, Cal knew the importance of building a customer contact list and staying in touch with customers and prospects by providing information they could use. So, shortly after launching his website, he took a tip from a friend and turned to Ennect Mail to help promote his services.

That was almost seven years ago. Today, Cal uses Ennect Mail to deliver updates to his followers as well to distribute an eNewsletter that continues to grow in popularity, attracting readership from around the world and helping Cal build his speaking and consulting business throughout North American and the Caribbean Islands.

It helps that Cal has carved out a unique niche for himself.  As an ‘über consultant’ – a consultant to consultants – Cal helps management consultants to develop better sales skills and best practices based on scientific models of how people buy. 

Cal Harrison, President of Beyond Referrals, Winnipeg, Canada

Cal Harrison, President of Beyond Referrals, Winnipeg, Canada

“I saw a unique opportunity in the market for someone to help consultants hone their selling skills,” said Cal.  “I’m based in Winnipeg, Canada, but through emarketing, I’ve been able to develop an international clientele as well as a successful business that allows me to travel and work pretty much when and where I want.” Cal recently had a consulting assignment in Barbados which he turned into a small vacation for his whole family. 

Punchier eNewsletter Style Engages Readers

Cal has recently changed his eNewsletter style. “I used to write long, detailed newsletters…more like white papers. But I modified my last newsletter to include shorter posts and links to other pages on my site and elsewhere.  The response has been very positive,” said Cal.

Shorter, punchier, ‘blog-like’ newsletters are considered today’s ‘best practice,’ as busy readers often don’t have the attention span – or the time – to sift through longer documents.  For Cal, the new style opens up a new business opportunity.  If readers continue to sign up for his new-style eNewsletter, it means he can turn his lengthier, white papers into consulting reports that people might buy. 

Tracking readership will be easy, as Ennect Mail gives Cal a way to analyze opt-outs, opens, and overall popularity.  And Ennect’s “hot list” function actually identifies the most important customers based on who, across the board, has opened Cal’s eNewsletters and other email promotions most consistently.

BeyondReferrals eNewsletter-shortBuilding a Solid eMail List Takes Time; Brings Rewards

Cal has built his following organically, for the most part, adding people to his email list that he’s met at conferences or though other business engagements.  He also has a sign-up box for his online newsletter on his website home page.

“I tried promoting my business through radio and direct mail,” said Cal. “I’ve even rented email lists, but I’ve found that the best contacts are those that I’ve developed personal relationships with or people who’ve come to know me through my speaking or writing.  Ennect Mail has been a real asset in helping me stay connected to these individuals.  Emarketing is a strategy that has proven to be effective for helping me grow my business.”

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