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Digital Agency Creates Ho-Ho-Holiday Emarketing Campaign…Oh Santa Baby, I think you lost something

Posted on | December 22, 2009 | No Comments

Here’s another great example of how one of Ennect’s customers is using email marketing in a creative way for the holidays. 

Modea’s crew of 38 interactive designers, front-end developers, web application developers, project and account managers, strategists, and founders decided to put all their talents to work in their holiday email. Based in Blacksburg, Virgina, Modea’s team wanted its holiday emarketing greeting to showcase the interactive agency’s many capabilities from strategy development through concept development, application programming, execution, and promotion. 

The result:  an interactive holiday card that, according to Account Planner Mike Cox, has had 90,000 page views, from first emailing on December 11th till today, with nearly 1/3rd of the viewers coming back for a second time. So you know it must be good! 

Here’s a quick preview of what the email said to capture readers’ attention and pull them into the concept:


‘Twas the night before Christmas, walking ’round town
When in the snow we saw a glimmer and decided to look down.
A shiny black phone! Abandonded it lied,
So we picked it on up and started looking inside.
With excitement in our voices we shouted with glee:
“This isn’t just anyone’s phone, 
it’s a famous celebrity’s!”





And you can probably guess whose phone it was…









If not, click here for some interactive fun:

Modea’s proud of its work: it did all the programming itself including the integration with FaceBook Connect and Twitter.  Using Ennect Mail, Modea sent the interactive card to its own customers and ‘friends’ as well as to a list of ‘influential blogs’ including one that has turned into an important referral for the card site itself.  It’s a great way to use viral assets to showcase what Modea does.

Modea uses email marketing to develop ongoing promotional campaigns for itself and for its customers with striking results.  Remember to keep your email programming interesting to make sure your readers stay opted-in. 

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