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Canada-based “Uber” Consultant Uses Emarketing to Extend Reach Worldwide

When Cal Harrison started Beyond Referrals, it was partly for a lifestyle change and partly to fulfill a dream of having his own consulting business.  Coming from a marketing background, Cal knew the importance of building a customer contact list and staying in touch with customers and prospects by providing information they could use. So, […]

Digital Agency Creates Ho-Ho-Holiday Emarketing Campaign…Oh Santa Baby, I think you lost something

Here’s another great example of how one of Ennect’s customers is using email marketing in a creative way for the holidays.  Modea’s crew of 38 interactive designers, front-end developers, web application developers, project and account managers, strategists, and founders decided to put all their talents to work in their holiday email. Based in Blacksburg, Virgina, […]

Emarketing Benchmark: How Do Your Online Sales Compare?

Want to know if your emarketing efforts to promote sales of your products this holiday season are really working?  Here’s a benchmark to compare against:  a just-released report from ComScore. Consumers are buying online for the holidays in record numbers according to the new report from ComScore.  The company, which has been tracing online retail sales since 2001, says that […]

Holiday eMarketing: Selling the Bright and Shiny…and Saving the Bacon?

Ho. Ho. Ho.  What are YOU doing this holiday season to stay in touch with your customers?  A unique woven metal Tahmi pendant Tahmi DeSchepper, a jewelry designer based in the Midwest, is using eMarketing tools to tell customers about how they can easily reach her during the holidays to buy great gifts for their […]

Marketers Sing the Praises of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” to Improve eNewsletters

Crowdsourcing ( is a great way to utilize the broader community for feedback, new ideas and solutions to problems.  It’s the “cloud” version of “putting your heads.” When Ennect reached out to the marketing membership of the Focus Community ( for tips on improving emarketing newsletters, what we heard back sounded strongly like the lyrics […]

eMarketers Take Note: There’s an app for that eReader too!

Ah, the end of year prognostications are coming… Expect to see more and more coverage about what 2010 will bring.  I just caught a nice piece in about Social Media predictions. One of the the sections is on the growing popularity of eReaders and says: “According to Sarah Rotman Epps and James McQuivey of […]

Does Web 2.0 Change Companies’ Ability to…Huh? They Said What?

There’s no ignoring the fact that Web 2.0 has raised the level of interaction with customers to new heights – allowing free-flowing feedback to emerge like never before.  But I wonder how well companies are adjusting to – and using – the font of wisdom customers are spewing forth. In an age where customers are […]

Winner of State Sandwich Survey…

The FlufferNutter never had a chance. Pennsylvanians — most of them admitedly from western PA – who took Ennect’s survey voted for their lunch time favorite.  And at more than 2-to-1, the hands down winner was…ta da…Primanti’s.                   Stay tuned for more surveys about your favorite topics… […]

BART Campaign Ties Viral Marketing to Ennect Sweeps to Maximize Marketing Exposure

When Bay Area Rapid Transit wanted to increase awareness of its train service from San Francisco International Airport to the Bay Area, it decided to promote it through viral marketing and a sweepstakes.  Ennect helped by creating a special viral feature for its sweepstakes software.  The result is a unique promotion that allows BART to spread the word […]