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Cyber Monday Fun Survey: What should PA’s state sandwich be?

Posted on | November 30, 2009 | No Comments

While you’re working up an appetite on Cyber Monday, consider this:  the Massachusetts legislature is debating making the FlufferNutter the official state sandwich. 

FlufferNutter = marshmallow creme + peanut butter on white bread

FlufferNutter = marshmallow creme + peanut butter on white bread

Seriously?  Apparently.  A bill was introduced earlier this year in the Massachusetts legislature to discuss the issue.

So, help us decide what Pennsylvania’s official sandwich should be.  A fully-loaded Pramanti’s sandwich, a Philly cheese steak, or something else.  Vote here. 

We’ll tabulate the results and report them in a subsequent post.

Side Note:  Fluff – the marshmallow creme stuff that a FlufferNutter is made of – comes from Lynn, Mass. There’s an old song about that city that anyone who’s lived in the Boston area pretty much knows by heart. It goes, “Lynn, Lynn: the city of sin. You never come out, the way you went in.”  I wonder how much FlufferNutters have to do with that. ;-)

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