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If the Subject Line Doesn’t Poke ‘Em in the Eye, Maybe You Need a Better Stick

Words, by themselves, are meaningless. It’s how you rack them that counts.  Poke 'em in the eye with your Subject Line! So, it shouldn’t be NEWS that the words you line up in your email Subject Line have to capture your addressees’ attention.  The subject line is to electronic mail what envelope graphics or multi-dimensional […]

Planning Your Newsletter: How 5Ws + H = SUCCESS!

News stand image by Qfamily. Creative Commons license for commercial use. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have an ongoing newsletter, that old rule of thumb for creating content for news releases can come in handy for creating an effective newsletter plan.  I’m talking about the “5Ws and an H” rule that professors […]

Email Templates Are Not Print Graphics

You would not believe the number of calls we get in Ennect Customer support from new users who cannot figure out why their PDF and/or print graphics are not translating well into email templates. It’s simply because email templates are based on HTML, and HTML layout is not the same as print layout. Now, don’t […]

Why Do We Call Them NEWSletters?

We’re about to begin a weekly series on newsletters — a request from our customers who want to know how to either start up an online newsletter or raise the standards of their already-established enews publications.  When I thought about where to start, a question popped into my head: Why do we call them NEWSletters when there’s […]

I Stole this Headline: Who needs PR professionals when you’ve got tweeters?

Full disclosure: I took this headline from James Tuckerman who recently used it in a post he wrote in LinkedIn’s Social Media Academy group section. When I first saw the headline, it so distressed me that I just passed over it.  (For what it’s worth, I’m a lifelong PRSA member.)  At first, I was glad to […]

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Moves to Real-time Customer Surveys

Fairfax, Virginia’s Fairfax County Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) has upped the ante on traditional banking best practice for collecting customer feedback!  It’s moved from annual to real-time surveys using customer survey software from Ennect. Not only has the move to online surveys reduced cost, it has also helped the credit union increase the products and […]