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Surveying for Product Insight

Posted on | September 29, 2009 | No Comments

Surveys can be very useful tools for marketers looking for greater insight into how their customers – current, former, or prospective – think about or use their products. Depending on how they codify the survey questions, marketers may be able to see trends that help them stave off product obsolesce, or identifyfeatures or new services that help make their products more attractive.

Ennect recently conducted a survey to learn more about how customers were using our products and to understand what we could do to help them gain greater usability from our online marketing software.  Thanks to the 120 participants who replied to our survey invitation we now know a lot more about how customers want to use our products and how we can help. 

While Ennect Mail is still our #1 product, there is a lot of real growth in Ennect Event.  One of the reasons is, we believe, because our event marketing and registration product does not require users to learn or use  a separate email broadcast system to get the word out about their events.  When we designed Ennect Event, the email function was incorporated directly into the product.  The other reason it’s gaining in popularity is the ease with which Ennect Event allows users to create a website for their events without having to know HTML or other programming languages. 

Additionally, we found growing interest in Ennect Survey as more and more marketers are looking for a tool that gives them an easy to use design interface for creating sophisticated survey questions and that also provides flexible analytics.

Lastly, we gained actionable insight on how we can help Ennect users optimize their use of our products.  There is a lot of interest in online training programs for sharpening email marketing skills, especially in the area of how to improve email broadcasts, how to create better newsletters, and how to increase email opens.

Within the next month, we will roll out a series of tips on creating better newsletters. These will be downloadable from our blog as well as from our Facebook Fan page.  So, no time is better than NOW to become an Ennect Facebook Fan, Ennect Twitter tweep, or Ennect eMarketing Blog reader Follow us and learn how to hone your own newsletter delivery skills.

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