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eMarketing, Business Continuity and the G-20 Summit

Posted on | September 18, 2009 | No Comments

As the days of the G-20 Summit get closer, it becomes clearer that lots of normal activities will be affected in the local area.  Pittsburgh schools will be closed. Downtown businesses and residents will have to adjust to street closures.  Public transportation schedules and traffic routes will be affected.

But business will go on.  And we have the Internet and web-based tools to thank for much of that.

When we think of business continuity, we often think of the handoff from one generation of corporate officers to another. But business continuity happens at various levels and in different ways at a company. It’s especially evident when someone leaves and another employee picks up their tasks. It’s clearly evident in crises situations or at times when events like a G-20 Summit impact a whole town and employees are asked to work remotely via virtual connections.

Today, the Internet provides an important means to keep business moving. Companies that rely on emarketing tools already know that.

Ennect clients like the Pittsburgh Glass Center, which is having its annual Art on Fire Celebration & Auction on Friday, Sept. 25, are using online event registration, email, social media and other web-based mechanisms to reach out to prospective attendees to attract them to their events, and to assure them it’s ‘business as usual’ – despite the unusual circumstances. Emarketing tools allow organizations, like the Center, to stay in touch with clients from all over the world as well as regionally. And, sometimes, it’s the regional assurances that are needed most.

The G-20 will come and go.  The disruption it presents will also come and go. But businesses who rely on e-communications will use it as an opportunity to reach out to their customers and reassure them in ways that bring them closer, and that lead to business success.

If you’re interested in the Pittsburgh Glass Center’s annual event, here’s a link where you can find out more:

Also, here’s an interactive map of street closures for the Pittsburgh area during the G-20 Summit:

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