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Tying Social Media into Your Event Marketing Efforts

Posted on | September 8, 2009 | No Comments

Ennect’s director of marketing, Carol Wolicki, was recently on the eMarketing-Special Interest Group (eM-SIG) Professional Network discussing how event planners can use social media to help market their events.

Some tips from the discussion:

1 – If you’re going to try social media be willing to explore, but don’t forget to tie in “traditional” online tools like email marketing and site registration pages so that your efforts all work together.

2 – Social media channels can complement one another…blog about your event, list it in LinkedIn, create a FaceBook fan page, send a Twitter alert.

3 – Use “Share” links in your event registration website or online software application to encourage bookmarking and forwarding by your attendees.

4 – You can create your own event blog but don’t forget to research regional and topical blogs that might be interested in your event.  Before approaching bloggers about your event, READ THEIR BLOGS.

5 – Be a good Twitter citizen; use a URL shortener that allows your readers to preview your websites ahead of time. (See transcript for suggestions.)

Download the transcript to read more about how you might use StumbleUpon to attract attention, LinkedIn to find sponsors, and hashtags to help people follow your event.

The full transcript is available here:

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