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Surveying for Product Insight

Surveys can be very useful tools for marketers looking for greater insight into how their customers – current, former, or prospective – think about or use their products. Depending on how they codify the survey questions, marketers may be able to see trends that help them stave off product obsolesce, or identifyfeatures or new services that help […]

Google’s CEO Comes to Pittsburgh on Eve of G-20 Summit

The Pittsburgh Technology Council hosted a session this morning that featured Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, which has an office on the Carnegie Mellon University campus here. Hundreds turned out to hear Schmidt talk and answer questions from the audience.  I personally remember Schmidt from his Novell days when I was doing PR and marketing […]

eMarketing, Business Continuity and the G-20 Summit

As the days of the G-20 Summit get closer, it becomes clearer that lots of normal activities will be affected in the local area.  Pittsburgh schools will be closed. Downtown businesses and residents will have to adjust to street closures.  Public transportation schedules and traffic routes will be affected. But business will go on.  And we have the Internet […]

How Surveys Create Perceptions…Or Not!

Surveys interest me.  One, because they are a mainstay of the marketing and public relations profession – or should be.  (Too often they’re not.)  Two, because there are online software tools available (including ours) that make creating and managing surveys and delivering survey reports so easy that there’s no excuse for marketers NOT to be using them. […]

Tying Social Media into Your Event Marketing Efforts

Ennect’s director of marketing, Carol Wolicki, was recently on the eMarketing-Special Interest Group (eM-SIG) Professional Network discussing how event planners can use social media to help market their events. Some tips from the discussion: 1 – If you’re going to try social media be willing to explore, but don’t forget to tie in “traditional” online tools […]

See the Lights….G20

I am sure by now all  know that Ennect is located on the North Shore in fabulous  Pittsburgh, PA.   To be even more specific, our building is directly across the river from the David L. Lawrance Convention Center, where the G20 Conference will be held on Sept. 24th and 25th.  So, if you need to […]