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Secure Survey

Posted on | August 28, 2009 | No Comments

We had a new person contact Ennect via the LiveChat session yesterday, who’d earlier in the day seen our CEO Abu Noaman speak at Butler County Community College. The chat person was wondering if we had any way to secure Ennect Survey such that he could restrict users.  This, as you can imagine, is a loaded question: you want survey results to be honest, to be accurate, and to be generating a kind of response that you may be expecting, but you don’t want unknown people influencing the outcome of the survey.  In the context of this chat person, the survey would be targeted at members of a local workers union, and you don’t want outside parties contaminating the results.

Ennect Survey secures itself by default through cookie placement on your computer: if you set the survey to not allow repeat submissions (by toggling “Allow respondents to take the survey more than once” in Event Settings), then recipients will not be allowed to retake the survey… unless they happen to flush their browser cache.  But that setting does not preclude somebody from forwarding the URL link for the survey to somebody else – how do you secure that?

If you have a website that has a secure login, then we can help you (in the case of this chat, the contact did have a website with a secure login).  Our programmers can provide you with a bit of code that will pass the login credentials from your site login to the Ennect Survey, allowing for highly controlled access to your Survey.

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