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Top Ten Tips for Exceptional Events

Posted on | August 21, 2009 | No Comments

Deb Shiring, Elliance’s meeting manager, presented at a recent eBizITPA eMarketing chat. The following tips are excerpted from a longer document she shared with that group. If you would like Deb’s complete document, you can download it here:

Here are the ten topics that Deb’s tips cover:

1. Leverage Your Lists. Why it’s important to take every opportunity to expand your database..

2. Bring Home the Benefits. Every prospect asks themselves the same questions—“What’s in it for me?” and “Is this worth my time?”

3. Don’t Be a Hit & Run Promoter. Why making multiple points of contact is prudent.

4. The Advantage of Analytics. Never underestimate the value of detailed reports.

5. And the Survey Says… Online surveys can help you understand your prospects.

6. Timing is Everything. The higher the price of admission, the longer lead-time you need to market.

7. Say No to No-Shows. A registrant does not equal an attendee.

8. Do You Deliver? Are your emails being flagged as SPAM?

9. Save a Tree & Your Sanity. If you’re not using electronic registration, you’re losing attendees.

10. Fast Follow-up. Capitalize on post-event enthusiasm with strategic outreach.

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