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Tips on Event Marketing from the eSIG Chat

Posted on | August 11, 2009 | No Comments

Our first venture into the world of eMarketing Special Interest Group chats is completed. Thanks to the folks at eBizITPA who sponsored the event.

Our host, Debbie Shiring, handled the questions fast as they came. It’s hard to think on your feet, but it may be harder to think and type at the same time as you try to answer questions and listen to other folks in the room shouting suggestions at you. Sorry, Deb, we were just trying to help ;-)

For those of you interested in event planning and marketing tips, here’s the link to the full transcript of the eMarketing SIG:

You will have to register on the SIG to access the transcript (it’s free), but Deb’s offered lots of good “how-tos” and suggestions for event planners looking for information on getting started with online event marketing and registration.

There’s an address there, too, where you can email her for her “Ten Tips for Event Marketing Success.” We may ask Deb to publish these here in a future post or posts.

Another benefit of signing up for the eMarketing SIG is you’ll get to participate in future Chats. We’re planning one for September on using social media in your event marketing. Lots of interesting things going on there. So, sign up, go look at Deb’s transcript and we hope to see you at the next event.

Posted by Carol Wolicki

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