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Social Marketing Builds Brands According to New Report: Can It Also Help with Events?

A new report posted by eMarketer this morning points to the fact that a majority of social network users are becoming fans or followers of companies or brands. The study also indicates that more people (2x) say good things about a company than say bad.  I haven’t seen the whole report yet, but in light of the discussion we’re having […]

Secure Survey

We had a new person contact Ennect via the LiveChat session yesterday, who’d earlier in the day seen our CEO Abu Noaman speak at Butler County Community College. The chat person was wondering if we had any way to secure Ennect Survey such that he could restrict users.  This, as you can imagine, is a […]

Ennect Event Completes Upgrade for Payflow Integration

Recently the Payflow gateway service added a new security feature which makes processing payment even safer.  Because of the new feature anyone using Payflow Pro is/was required to update their current code that integrates into Websites. As many Ennect Event users know Payflow Pro is one of the gateways which we use for processing event […]

Free: Tying Social Media into Your Event Marketing Efforts

Join our free chat session: Tying Social Media into Your Event Marketing Efforts. September 1, 2009 from 1pm to 1:45pm ET Link to event: There are lots of ways to use social media in your event planning and marketing efforts. In this Chat session, we’ll focus on how adding some basic social media initiatives […]

Top Ten Tips for Exceptional Events

Deb Shiring, Elliance’s meeting manager, presented at a recent eBizITPA eMarketing chat. The following tips are excerpted from a longer document she shared with that group. If you would like Deb’s complete document, you can download it here: Here are the ten topics that Deb’s tips cover: 1. Leverage Your Lists. Why it’s important […]

Please Vote Elliance for SXSW (South By Southwest) Conference Proposals

Please help us get Elliance on the speaker roster by heading over, registering and casting a vote for each right now. The round trip shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes… “So This Guy Walks Into His Own Story” About storytelling as a vehicle for persuasion. Click here to vote thumbs up for this proposal “Marketing Strategies for Wait Now I’m Lost” About the explosive viral success […]

Yinzers: Go Buy an iPhone; Fix a Pothole

“Can you hear me now?” Oops. Wrong service. The iPhone doesn’t operate on ‘that line.’ Too bad, because for those folks in Pittsburgh walking around with iPhones, there’s a new way to talk to local gov’t: just go to the iPhone app store and dowload the free iBurgh app. Once you do, you’ll be able […]

Tips on Event Marketing from the eSIG Chat

Our first venture into the world of eMarketing Special Interest Group chats is completed. Thanks to the folks at eBizITPA who sponsored the event. Our host, Debbie Shiring, handled the questions fast as they came. It’s hard to think on your feet, but it may be harder to think and type at the same time […]

Fortify Your Web Site During a Weak Economy

The state of our current economy is still weighing heavily on the minds of many marketers.    I thought I would post these tips that were offered by our parent company, Elliance, for a self- check of your own website .  The basic overall theme/message is  ‘back the basics’, which in many ways can be […]

Susan Liebeler: Fund-Raiser Extraordinare

Susan Liebeler is a former head of the International Trade Commission, a lawyer, a professor, a pilot (she learned at 55!), and now the head fund-raiser for the International Ninety-Nines, an international group of women pilots with more than 5,000 members in 35 countries. Susan attributes the use of our Ennect Event software to her […]