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Association TRENDS Successfully Transitions from Print to Online Publishing

Posted on | July 24, 2009 | No Comments

Association TRENDS, an association industry newspaper, has been publishing continuously since 1973. Jill Cornish, president and publisher, was thinking about “one day” turning the printed publication into an online newspaper. The online idea catapulted to the top of her to-do-list when her printer unexpectedly closed. The would-be disaster turned into a blessing in disguise, however. With the help of Ennect Mail, Cornish is now delivering her publication online and communicating with her readers more quickly. Plus, her staff gains valuable insights into what subscribers need.

Top executives in the $400 billion-a-year association industry have come to depend on Association TRENDS. An offshoot of Cornish’s association management company, the publication was initially started to answer client requests for peer information and industry news. Today, nearly 7,000 subscribers receive the publication on a weekly basis.

For such a broad distribution, Cornish’s organization is small: three internal staff plus two marketing consultants, an on-line database company, and Ennect. “I consider all of these to be my staff,” said Cornish. “Using Ennect Mail enables us to look a lot more professional.”

Ennect Helps Deliver News in Timely Fashion

The publication offers its readers news and insight, so it must be timely. “If we’re not getting to our readers within three to four days from when we write something, it’s too late. It was taking two to three weeks to reach some of our readers by standard mail and that’s not acceptable to me. We would have had to go electronic eventually because any publication that wants to focus on news is not going to be timely in print any longer. Our world is going way too fast for that,” said Cornish.

“Ennect allows us to access people very quickly. When we do our production, we no longer have to recreate layouts every week. Ennect Mail gives us a basic format and we just fill-in the blanks. The structure is there; we add the content and send it. It’s not a difficult thing to do,” she commented

All the best to Jill Cornish and her team at Association Trends!


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