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Let’s Go Pens!

Here at Ennect we’re thinking happy thoughts about the Pittsburgh Penguins meeting the Detroit Redwings on the ice tonight for game 4. The Stanley Cup 2009! Let’s Go Pens! Related Posts: Pittsburgh is Home Base Twitter in the Marketplace Here We Go….!!!! The Holiday Season is Here! 2009 People Invited to Share Hopes

Email Survey Results Show Men Buy, But What About Women…?

So, if email helps reinforce product and company loyalty with men and nudges them toward buying, what does the Ennect survey say about email’s influence on women? It says, in short, seller beware! While 53 percent of our female respondents indicated that email was a great way to hear about new products – in contrast […]

Do Men and Women Use Email Differently?

According to our recent Email Impact survey men and women clearly have different attitudes about email and, also, use it differently. While ours was an informal survey, which used our own Ennect Survey product and which was sent to a relatively small group of people (approximately 12,250), the results provide an interesting snapshot of email […]

Results in on Ennect’s Email Impact Survey

Thanks to those of you who took part in the Ennect-sponsored Email Impact survey last month.  We’ve been reviewing the returns and will be sharing results with you in coming posts here. While it was an informal survey sent out to a relatively small group of people, the results were interesting.  But before we start […]

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