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Surveying Your Summer Reading

Posted on | June 26, 2009 | No Comments

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine just how to phrase survey questions and what types of information you’re really seeking from your respondents. How much information do you really want?  Will more types of information ferreted from your respondents via myriad types of survey methods answer your questions, or a few well-worded queries?

ladybug-reading_smHere’s my attempt to get maximum response from Ennect blog readers with minimal questions.  Summer has now arrived here at Ennect headquarters, with thoughts of lazy summer days in the back yard, on the beach, around the pool, up in the mountains, down by the river.  Wherever you happen to be, what will you be doing?  Globally a favorite pastime in warmer weather is reading.  Will that be part of your summer?

Please take our survey, let us know what you’ll be doing.  We’ll post results of this survey later this summer (and perhaps midsummer if the response turns up a great list of books).

The SurveyMy Summer Reading Intentions

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