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Tips for Sweeps

Posted on | June 24, 2009 | No Comments

Recently the Sweepstakes software included in our suite of Ennect products has been getting an enormous amount of interest from online businesses wanting to execute their own sweepstakes contest.  It is very true that running a sweepstakes contest is a great way for any online business to build up their marketing list.  But, if you have never done this type of marketing, there are a few things to consider. ..

1. Offer a prize that  your audience will find of true value – the prize needs to get people talking and generate lots of enthusiasm – has to be make people want to enter!

2. Eliminate the barriers to entry.   A true contest does not require that the entrant makes any type of purchase in order to enter the  contest.

3. Keep the entry form simple and concise – if someone feels they have to give up too much personal information they will be less likely to enter your contest.  Also, you may want to brand the entry form.  This will help validate the legitimacy of your contest.

4. Know the laws!  There are law firms out there who specialize in contest rules.  Depending on your prize value and the state in which you reside, there are all sorts of different contest rules which you must adhere to. Click here to see the law firm that Ennect recommends.

5. Display the contest rules.  Post them in a few places so they cannot be missed.

6.  State clearly and specifically how the winner will be drawn and announced including exact date and time.

7. Draw a winner and get the prize to them in a timely manner.  It may even be a good idea to announce the winner or get a testimonial from them for future marketing efforts.

8. If you plan to market to your list of entrants via future email campaigns, make sure your email campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant.  Meaning, make sure you provide each person receiving your mail the option to opt-out from any future email campaigns.

All the best to anyone who initiates a sweepstakes contest!

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