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Online Event Registration is Not Mysterious

Posted on | June 16, 2009 | No Comments

There is no mystery as to why online event registration is popular: it’s fast, convenient and easy.  You get an email about an event, you read the corresponding web page describing the event, and you submit your payment method to secure your place at the event.

The email and web pages are the two parts of this equation which correspond directly to the emergence of the Internet.  But payment methods have been evolving far longer, beginning with barter, coins, cash, and most recently personal & bank checks (cheques), and finally credit cards.

No boring historical lecture here, today–just a couple of fascinating links for you to peruse while you’re taking a break from crafting your latest mail template, event registration form or survey questions, or as a jumping off point for a summer of casual reading:

Origins of:

Without electronic payment methods, online event registration software would be nearly useless, certainly giving organizers lists of interested registrants, but not allowing registrants to secure their place at the event and providing event organizers with monetary support for the idea that their conference is being well received by an audience willing to pay to attend.

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