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Can My iPhone Video be Included in My eMail Message Template?

Posted on | June 10, 2009 | No Comments

Whether you are in the business of doing email campaigns for a client, a colleague, or a family member, or you make email management software, you’ve most likely heard a request recently to send videos as part of an email campaign.

How do you handle this?  Do you cave to the request and hope that the server holds up to the message load?

No!  You educate your constituents, gently of course, as video and email campaigns do not mix.  Here’s what to say:

  • First, video files are generally too large to send via email – even if you could send the files, your recipients may not be able to receive them due to server or bandwidth size constraints;
  • Second, many of use have seen the ubiquitous YouTube “embed” codes that you can copy from a YouTube page and paste into your own blog or web page to show the video of the skateboarding dogs to your immediate circle.  In an email, though, these codes are forbidden: not only may they easily flag an email as “spam”, but also email reading programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird won’t render the code into a viewable video;
  • Third, it’s far better to put in a URL link to your website, which is part of the reason for the email campaign in the first place.  Your website can either house the video or separately link to the storage location.

The solution to emailing video is to place a picture from the video into the email and link this picture to the video’s URL.  Then your emails fly through servers unimpeded and its just up to the recipients to download or view the video.

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