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Ben Stein Talks about the Importance of the Meeting Industry

Posted on | June 10, 2009 | No Comments

Thanks to the folks at Minding Your Business, Inc., a meeting planning group in Chicago, for passing along an important message from none other then Ben Stein.

This past weekend Ben Stein talked about the effect the downturn — and an early comment from President Obama about AIG’s lavish incentive meeting — have had on the convention and travel industry.  It’s a powerful video and one which everyone in the event industry should watch, share, tweet about, talk about, append to all their email messages…just get the word out.

Meetings are important!  Sharing is important!  Without both, we lose interactions that are powerful and critical to learning, understanding, and innovation.

The G-20 Summit is coming to Pittsburgh, PA, home of Ennect and our award-winning ‘mothership,’ Elliance, Inc.  Clearly the leaders of the world understand the importance of meeting.  How else are friendly relations made and kept?  And in this day, when mis-understanding drives so much, being face-to-face with others is more important than ever.

PLEASE pass this information around.  Send thank you letters to Ben Stein and to MYB for pushing this item to the top of many people’s agendas!

You can see the whole video and MYB’s comments, too, here:

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