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The Question Is…What should a modern day marketing plan include?

Posted on | June 8, 2009 | No Comments

1.     Social Media
Why does Forrester Research have blogs, discussion boards, a Twitter account, videos on YouTube and a Facebook page? They understand the value of starting a conversation with anyone who cares about their brand.

2.     Search Engine Marketing
Social media can help increase your search rankings, however, social media does not replace search. Search marketing is a necessary, ongoing effort to increase your rankings and help you stay there.

3.     Email Marketing
According to the Wall Street Journal, 81 percent of U.S. executives subscribe to industry e-mail newsletters for product information and business intelligence. Are these executives learning about you or your competitors?

4.     Web Sites
Your web site can no longer be a place for one-way communication. Provide a link to your blog, where they can leave comments. Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. Provide icons for,,, technorati and stumbleupon. Let visitors sign up for RSS feeds.

5.     Mobile Devices
Back in 2007, Marketing Sherpa reported that 64 percent of key decision-makers view e-mails on Blackberries and other devices. Since iPhones are on the scene more and more people are using mobile devices to view web sites. How does your site look on the little screen?

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