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Email Survey Results Show Men Buy, But What About Women…?

Posted on | June 4, 2009 | No Comments

So, if email helps reinforce product and company loyalty with men and nudges them toward buying, what does the Ennect survey say about email’s influence on women?

It says, in short, seller beware!

While 53 percent of our female respondents indicated that email was a great way to hear about new products – in contrast to 27 percent of men, they clearly don’t want more email!  What they want are “smarter” emails. Forty-seven percent of our women respondents indicated they wanted to receive emails that were personalized with content based on what companies already knew about them from website visits and past purchases.

Hello.  Why is this surprising?  And what does it imply about the emails women (and men) ARE receiving from retailers?  Are retail marketers not paying attention to their readers?  Are they clueless about email?

I don’t think so.  But they may not be segmenting their lists adequately or effectively personalizing their messages by incorporating all the data they have on their customers or prospects.  Or maybe – as in many companies – the data collected from their websites is siloed and not available to email marketers.  Hey, doing email well is hard – but when different groups inside a company don’t talk to one another, well, it’s made even harder.

But, there are rewards, when you get it right:  40 percent of our female respondents and 33 percent of men said they often remembered email they received from a company while making a purchase at the company’s website. TAH DAAAH!  Ring a bell!  Brand recognition CAN be reinforced through email.

So, what’s today’s lesson?  Creating messages that stick is important.  Creating sticky messages with personalized offers that show how well you know your customer… now, THAT rings the register!

Oh, and we’re not finished.  We have a few more observations to share about our survey results.  Come back soon for our next installment…


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