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Surveying Your Summer Reading

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine just how to phrase survey questions and what types of information you’re really seeking from your respondents. How much information do you really want?  Will more types of information ferreted from your respondents via myriad types of survey methods answer your questions, or a few well-worded queries? Here’s my attempt […]

Tips for Sweeps

Recently the Sweepstakes software included in our suite of Ennect products has been getting an enormous amount of interest from online businesses wanting to execute their own sweepstakes contest.  It is very true that running a sweepstakes contest is a great way for any online business to build up their marketing list.  But, if you […]

Congratulations Elliance!

On behalf of the Ennect Team, we wanted to send out a huge congratulations to our parent company, Elliance, Inc.  for being named one of the top 10 agencies of 2008 by the IMA(Interactive Media Awards). Great job by our entire Elliance Team! Click here to view entire list of winners. Related Posts: Who Really […]

A Missed Marketing Opportunity

Back in February, after the Pittsburgh Steelers won their 6th Superbowl Championship, we gave tons of praise to Dick’s Sporting Goods for their swift marketing efforts.  They sent an email out 2 minutes after the game ended, notifying their customers that they would open early and they were completely stocked with all of the Steeler […]

Online Event Registration is Not Mysterious

There is no mystery as to why online event registration is popular: it’s fast, convenient and easy.  You get an email about an event, you read the corresponding web page describing the event, and you submit your payment method to secure your place at the event. The email and web pages are the two parts […]

What Kind of Tech User Are You?

OK,  all you online marketers, time for the moment of truth….take this quiz to find out what kind of tech user you are… Related Posts: May I Go to XYZ Conference, Please? Twitter in the Marketplace Let’s Go Pens! Committed to Green for 2009? Best Kept Secret

Testing Twitter Functionality

From now on all new Ennect Blog posts will go directly to Twitter! Related Posts: Ennect Support goes Twitter Twitter in the Marketplace Yammering About Mass Email Marketing Software Flushing Cache Flushes Your eMarketing Problems Share This!

Ben Stein Talks about the Importance of the Meeting Industry

Thanks to the folks at Minding Your Business, Inc., a meeting planning group in Chicago, for passing along an important message from none other then Ben Stein. This past weekend Ben Stein talked about the effect the downturn — and an early comment from President Obama about AIG’s lavish incentive meeting — have had on […]

Can My iPhone Video be Included in My eMail Message Template?

Whether you are in the business of doing email campaigns for a client, a colleague, or a family member, or you make email management software, you’ve most likely heard a request recently to send videos as part of an email campaign. How do you handle this?  Do you cave to the request and hope that […]

The Question Is…What should a modern day marketing plan include?

1.     Social Media Why does Forrester Research have blogs, discussion boards, a Twitter account, videos on YouTube and a Facebook page? They understand the value of starting a conversation with anyone who cares about their brand. 2.     Search Engine Marketing Social media can help increase your search rankings, however, social media does not […]

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