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Does email make an impact? See what people are saying…

Posted on | May 28, 2009 | No Comments

My impression of companies from which I purchase products/services is positively improved when I receive email from them.
Agree  (53%)
Disagree (47%)

I often remember email I’ve received from a company while making a purchase online at their website.
Agree  (73%)
Disagree (27%)

I like receiving email from companies I’ve registered with. Even if I don’t always read it, it’s good to know it will be there when I’m ready for it.
Agree (60%)
Disagree (40%)

I have gone back to review an email from a company that I know, even days or weeks after I received it.
Agree  (53%)
Disagree (47%)

It would be okay for companies that I know and trust to send me email more frequently than they currently do.
Agree (33%)
Disagree  (67%)

I regularly save email from companies/stores in my inbox to refer to later when making purchases.
Agree (60%)
Disagree (40%)

I am:
Male (40%)
Female (60%)

Some retail-specific questions:

Retail companies should send me email with content based on things they know about me (e.g., website activity, past purchases) rather than generic content that everyone gets.
Agree (73%)
Disagree (27%)

Email is a great way for me to hear about new products available from retail companies.
Agree  (80%)
Disagree (20%

I have a more favorable opinion of the retail companies that send me email because of the communications I receive.
Agree  (33%)
Disagree (67%)

The email I receive from retail companies makes me feel more loyal towards those companies and their products.
Agree  (40%)
Disagree (60%)

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