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Ways to Stay Close

Posted on | May 4, 2009 | No Comments

How do you keep 44,000 employees motivated and talking about the success of their project when growth may be incremental, the end of the project won’t come until 2017 (if then), or when things don’t always go as expected?  Just think of all the stops-and-starts, cost overruns, and problems the Boston Big Dig had. And their PR and marketing people only had to contend with traditional news media AND the Internet.

In today’s world of instant broadcast via Twitter, FaceBook, blogging, texting, and phone-home videos, imagine how difficult tracking news or story outbreaks will be. Imagine how many different ways 44,000 employees can tell a story!

Now imagine how a regular stream of up-to-date news or success milestones – via email newsletters, employee extranet, company blog or Tweets – could help bring all those people into a larger conversation on behalf of their employer and their project. Think how many personal success stories will happen during this construction project and how each could be captured and shared via today’s new electronic media.

Once the project is done, it will provide a much-needed rail gateway between New York and New Jersey.  Why not keep it — along with the 44,000 people involved in it — on track by employing some of the new social media tools?

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