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Does email make an impact? See what people are saying…

My impression of companies from which I purchase products/services is positively improved when I receive email from them. Agree  (53%) Disagree (47%) I often remember email I’ve received from a company while making a purchase online at their website. Agree  (73%) Disagree (27%) I like receiving email from companies I’ve registered with. Even if I […]

Segway On Over to Pittsburgh Dot Net

Yesterday we blogged about the various reasons why non-profits love our Ennect emarketing tools.  Today I want to segway on over to one of Elliance’s other site’s,  Betcha didn’t know that Ennect and are thoroughbreds from the same stable, didja? On a daily basis we accept both calendar and company listings on, […]

Why Non-profits Love Ennect

1) We offer a 20% discount on all products to all non-profits.  This 20% discount can even be applied on top of any bulk discounting pricing. 2) We pride ourselves on customer service! This is one area where any one using Ennect will agree – we offer outstanding customer service. 3) There are no long […]

LiveChat Supports Online Marketing Software

“Congrats, you are the first “live-chat” support person I’ve ever worked with who was actually helpful (I don’t mean at Ennect, I mean with other online vendors!)” Ennect’s LiveChat feature has proven quite popular with both pre- and post-sales customers: current users can post questions from within our four products without waiting for the longer […]

eMail List Management Tip

We are often  asked to describe the difference between a ‘hard bounce” email and a ’soft bounce’ email.  Ennect mail gives a separate report on both the hard bounces and the soft bounces. A hard bounce is when an email address is simply invalid.  This may be because either the name of the recipient does […]

Share This!

The Ennect team is excited to announce that the ‘Share This ‘ feature is now available on each Ennect Event marketing site that goes live. Now, when you are directing traffic to your event marketing site, powered by Ennect,  registrants will have the ability to easily share the event site via…Email…Blog…Facebook…Twitter and all other social […]

Pittsburgh is Home Base

The Ennect offices are right in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pa.  As a matter of fact, our offices are only a few blocks away from the home stadium of the Pittsburgh Pirates (PNC Park) and a few additional blocks  away from the Steelers home stadium (Heinz Field) – both are in walking distance. Needless to […]

Ways to Stay Close

How do you keep 44,000 employees motivated and talking about the success of their project when growth may be incremental, the end of the project won’t come until 2017 (if then), or when things don’t always go as expected?  Just think of all the stops-and-starts, cost overruns, and problems the Boston Big Dig had. And […]

Ennect Support Goes Green

It’s not easy bein’ green Especially with the economy in the red But anyone in business knows Green is all there is to be And green can be cool and friendly-like And green can be big like our customer support giant, Alex, tall like a tree So, if  Alex says green is all there is […]