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May I Go to XYZ Conference, Please?

Posted on | April 28, 2009 | No Comments

For those of you planning meetings in this economy, this article may be especially timely. Titled “Justifying Going to a Conference,” the article has some good ideas on what you can do to help your attendees justify attending your event.

For those of you using Ennect Event, putting this kind of information right into your EnnectEvent website is incredibly easy.  Just create a new tab and name it something like “Justification” or “What to Tell Your Boss” or “Getting to Yes.”  Then, list all the convincing arguments you can think of from the perspective of your attendees’ bosses (how can Twitter affect the company balance sheet in a positive way?).

Add a great graphic – a happy audience attendee, a picture of a previous keynote, or a colorful chart showing empirical evidence of the conference benefiting the bottom line.

Just remember:  Whatever helps your attendees helps you!

Have you done creative sales gimmicks in your event websites before?  Let us know – we’ll include mention of the types of things people have done to encourage attendence from a potentially reluctant audience.

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