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Do Event Registration Solutions Allow Multiple Email Addresses?

Posted on | April 16, 2009 | No Comments

We got a call the other day that one of our event registration software users was getting multiple emails for each test registrant.  Why was this happening?  What could be broken?

Panic we didn’t as this told us that our product was working as planned.   You see, we had designed the new version of Ennect Event to allow an event registrant to enter his or her email address during registration, and then at the end of registration to enter additional notification email addresses.  Have you ever been the personal assistant for a much busier person who you know will not have noticed an event registration email come across the email threshold, and then wonders why you don’t have their registration info?  This feature allows you to have that info – as long as the second email address is included.

By now, you’ll have realized that the panicking Ennect Event user had inadvertently entered his or her email address twice, thereby triggering the mysterious doubling of messages.  And now that they know what their error was in registration, they’ll be the first to consider notifying their assistants about future registrations! :-)

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