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Getting Attention for Ennect Survey!

Posted on | April 13, 2009 | No Comments

I am sure many of  you have noticed that each one of our 4 Ennect marketing tools is branded with a different color, both on our site as well as in the product admin interface…

Ennect Mail is branded blue.
Ennect Event is branded purple.
Ennect Sweeps is branded green.
And finally, Ennect Survey is branded orange….I bring this up only because I could think of no other reason why  a member of our Ennect support team would come to work with bright orange Crocs, other than the fact that he must be paying tribute to our Ennect Survey product… GO ALEX!!!


Stay tuned to see what other Ennect products Alex pays tribute to with his crazy colored Crocs….

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