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Flushing Cache Flushes Your eMarketing Problems

Posted on | April 8, 2009 | No Comments

Help!  Support!

  • I’m testing my event registration software, and it won’t let me begin at the beginning of registration.
  • When I re-test my survey, I get this error message: “Sorry, you can’t take this survey again”.
  • I’ve logged into Ennect, but I cannot log out.
  • When I test my EnnectEvent, the registration page says I’m registering four people…but I don’t want to.
  • I’ve been testing back and forth amongst the various Ennect products, and now I can’t log in.

Have you run into these sorts of problems while testing your eMarketing solution?  Pretty frustrating, aren’t they?  Well, as it turns out, many seemingly intractable problems when testing browser-based applications can be resolved by flushing your browser cache.

What’s that? Come again?  There’s cash in my browser?

No — cache, as in stored information.  Whether you’re using FireFox, Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari browser, become familiar with the settings that allow your browser application to store bits of websites.  Cookies, for instance, store information about a particular web page.  They may prevent you from re-taking a survey (one way e-survey providers ensure accurate surveys); they may allow you to remain logged into an app for a set time interval; they may retain information on how you’re using a particular web page.  But, periodically, lots of site testing (which users of eMarketing software do when setting up events, surveys, email campaigns and sweeps) can result in errors from cached information.

To flush your cache:

  • In FireFox 3.0 (Win), go to Tools | Clear Private Data;
  • In Internet Explorer 7, go to Tools | Internet Options | Browsing History | Delete | Delete Cookies;
  • In Safari 3.1 (Win) go to Edit | Preferences | Security | Show Cookies | Remove All | Done.

Now you should experience no further performance issues in using your eMarketing software.

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