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May I Go to XYZ Conference, Please?

For those of you planning meetings in this economy, this article may be especially timely. Titled “Justifying Going to a Conference,” the article has some good ideas on what you can do to help your attendees justify attending your event. For those of you using Ennect Event, putting this kind of information right into your […]

Plan to Save Money

We’ve noticed that many of our Ennect customers who use our online registration software  plan multiple events.  As a way to save money, Ennect offers Event Series Pricing.  By paying for the use of Ennect Event  in advance you are able to get a discount on our per event pricing.  To figure out your savings […]

Mix and Match Ennect Tools

Because all the Ennect tools – Mail, Survey, Sweepstakes and Event – use the same login and share lists, you only need to learn to use one interface, making it easy to integrate marketing efforts and create successful campaigns. Here are some ideas how to mix and match the use of Ennect…. 1.  Encourage feedback […]

Do Event Registration Solutions Allow Multiple Email Addresses?

We got a call the other day that one of our event registration software users was getting multiple emails for each test registrant.  Why was this happening?  What could be broken? Panic we didn’t as this told us that our product was working as planned.   You see, we had designed the new version of Ennect […]

Getting Attention for Ennect Survey!

I am sure many of  you have noticed that each one of our 4 Ennect marketing tools is branded with a different color, both on our site as well as in the product admin interface… Ennect Mail is branded blue. Ennect Event is branded purple. Ennect Sweeps is branded green. And finally, Ennect Survey is […]

Win a $25 Amercian Express Gift Certificate

Ennect’s got a survey we’d like you to take…What’s in it for YOU? OK, it’s not totally scientific, but if you take part in our emarketing survey, you could win one of three $25 American Express gift certificates. Here’s the deal:  we were reading a bunch of reports recently about the direct relationship between email marketing and offline purchase […]

Flushing Cache Flushes Your eMarketing Problems

Help!  Support! I’m testing my event registration software, and it won’t let me begin at the beginning of registration. When I re-test my survey, I get this error message: “Sorry, you can’t take this survey again”. I’ve logged into Ennect, but I cannot log out. When I test my EnnectEvent, the registration page says I’m […]

Proceed with Caution

This is the story of how a major university sent the wrong email message to the wrong list of potential students. Moral of the story = check, test and test again and pay attention to all the details when sending email blasts! Everyone who has ever done or will ever do any type of email […]