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Manually Add Names to Your Mailing List

Posted on | March 27, 2009 | No Comments

Y’know that Live Chat feature we implemented a month ago?  Clients and potential clients are using it like crazy – crazy, that is, to not use the phone, to let their fingers do the walking, and to just get the job done.

One recent chat session from a long-time client was about manually adding names to an existing mailing list.  Our clients get so used to uploading and appending uploads to lists, that the manual feature seldom gets used.  Finally, a chance to teach a new feature to a client – new for the client, at any rate.  Here’s how the chat went:

preamble:   [Client's Name]: “I want to add a contact to an existing list w/o having to upload a file. I just want to simply key in the name and email. How would I do this?”
(1:43 PM) [Ennect Support]: Hi, Welcome to Ennect
(1:43 PM) [Client’s Name]: hi
(1:43 PM) [Ennect Support]: hang on —I’ll give you the step by step
(1:45 PM) [Ennect Support]: Click “Manage” to the right of the list, type in your data, and then click the “Add” link to the right.  This’ll allow you to add to an existing list one-by-one
(1:46 PM) [Ennect Support]: if you have many, you can click “Append” and upload a new list, which will append to the current list
(1:46 PM) [Client's Name]: where do I key in the new email address with the “manage” option? I only see a “search” field at the top
(1:47 PM) [Client's Name]: found it – there’s an ‘empty’ field at the end of the list
(1:48 PM) [Ennect Support]: thats right  – the blank row–  the manage option gives  all fields, the first being the email address
(1:48 PM) [Client’s Name]: thank you.

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