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A New Page in Your Ennect Event

Posted on | March 20, 2009 | No Comments

Supporting a set of emarketing tools like the Ennect suite is a fast and furious job which is made easier by the very flexibility of the tools.  Because the products are a suite, they each have some shared and some unique functions.  Mixing and matching these functions make each of the suite’s components, Mail, Survey, Event and Sweeps, much more flexible.

One of the unique features of Event that has made life for users much more dynamic, fun and rewarding is the ability to create a blank page, with the open ability to craft whatever the user wants.  Two recent examples of using the blank page follow.

First, a potential client wanted to mimic their previous years event as close as possible, but were very interested in using Ennect due to the dramatically lower price (vs. their previous vendor).  To do this, we copied the HTML source for several special pages of the other site and pasted it into the source section of our WYSIWYG editor, and then slightly modified it to work well. This allowed the potential client to see that our tool could maintain much of the look and feel of their previous site, while still maintaining flexibility and low cost.

Second, a user wanted to use our home page layout for their event, but wanted images linked in from their company home web site.  To circumnavigate this request, we copied the HTML source of their Ennect Event home page, pasted the code into the new blank page, tweaked it to remove the header and footer code (otherwise the header and footer info doubles up), and then showed them how to insert image tags pointing to their own images.  We then hid the original Home Page & renamed and moved the new Home Page to match the original.  Note: you can hide pages, but this does not delete them; you can link to them from your new pages and you can call them back up if you need data from them or need to re-use them.

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