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Ennect Event Registration Software Gets a Small, yet Significant Change

Posted on | March 13, 2009 | No Comments

Ennect Event users  are aware that when using our payment portal to collect payments for events, the payment shows up on the payees credit card as “Ennect Payment Services”.

This causes a significant amount of confusion when people, who have registered for an event, get their credit card statements.  They often times call  Ennect to see what the charge was for and at times, they even do a charge back on the credit card.

With the hopes of  combating some of this mess and confusion we have now added text on both the confirmation page and confirmation email saying,  “this payment will show up on your credit card statement as ‘Ennect Payment Services’. “

We are continuing to check the things off our list that customers have requested.  Be sure to come back regularly for more updates, tips and tricks regarding our Ennect Products.  dogimages


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