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Another Ennect Survey Upgrade Completed

Posted on | March 10, 2009 | No Comments

Ennect Survey  has always included the ability to send free email invites to survey participants.  Now, to make sending and managing these email invites easier for our customers we have added the following features:

1.  The prepare lists, prepare emails, send emails and view results sections have all been  condensed into one tab for easy access as well as ongoing organization of your email invites.

2.  We have added the ability to send  a text version of the email invite.  Many Ennect Survey users have requested this feature as more and more servers are blocking  images from being delivered.

3.  We made the HTML email invites more flexible.  You can now remove the images if you want or move things around in the actual email invite.

If you are not a current Ennect user and want to check out our Survey tool click here to sign up for a free trail.

Live chat is  available in the product for questions regarding any of our Ennect tools.

Great job Ennect Team!


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