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College Bound Students Get Ennect

Posted on | March 5, 2009 | No Comments

We have recently seen an increase in the number of colleges, universities and trade schools using our Ennect Event  tool to manage their Open Houses, which they conduct to recruit new students.

Using our online registration tool has allowed these educational institutes to accomplish the following tasks quickly and easily:

1.) Create an entire marketing website focusing solely on their school and the Open House Event specifically.

2.) Allowed for potential students to register for the Open House online (today’s college students are in sync with anything online) .

3.) Allowed the person in charge of the Open House to easily track who will be attending the event and plan for the number of attendees.

4.) Allowed for  email invites to be sent to all potential students at no additional cost to the event.

5.) Allowed for the event organizer to easily print name badges and sign in sheets  for the attendees

6.) Allowed for a follow up survey to the Open House to be executed quickly and from within the same tool set.

All of this activity did not even involve the schools’ IT departments!  This leaves me to wonder  if it is the event organizers who like Ennect Event best or the IT departments who like us best?  As long as everyone is happy, I guess that question truly does not need answered!


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