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email marketing gone bad!

Posted on | February 12, 2009 | No Comments

As consumers we usually  appreciate when places we buy from know us and market to us based on a past history of  activity.   For example, let’s say I place  an item in my shopping cart at and do not finish the purchase.   I truly like the fact that will notify me via email when the inventory on that specific item is getting low.  This I think is another great form of email marketing.

But, what about the online  shoe company (who shall remain nameless throughout this post) that sent me an email telling me  the very same pair of shoes I purchased from their site 9 months ago is again available in the same size and color ?   What kind of marketing message is that?   I am thinking this not a great use of email marketing.  Why would I want to buy the exact same shoe in the exact same color?

Maybe a better approach would have been for the online shoe  store to send me an email stating that the same shoe in a different color was available in my size.  Then the email may have been received much differently – just a thought!


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