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Hats off to Dick’s Sporting Goods

Posted on | February 2, 2009 | No Comments

After 3+ hours of biting my nails and screaming for our home town team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, I finally sat down at my computer  to check my email . There, waiting in my in box was email from Dicks Sporting Goods with the subject line,

“The Steelers are Champions – Shop Championship Gear Now‏”.

Wow, I was so impressed. This was email marketing at its BEST…

1.) The timeliness of the message: This was literally sent to me within minutes after the nail-biting Super Bowl had ended and our Steelers prevailed.

2.) The subject line – strike while they are hot:  Even though I was checking my email, the sweet smell of victory was still lingering in my head!  I then thought, darn, I need one of those Super Bowl Champion jerseys.

3.) The targeted audience: I was one of the many people in and around the Pittsburgh area who received that email.  I am sure that Dick’s Sporting Goods segmented their marketing list and knew exactly who would be receiving that email.

Today when I came to work I  heard from a few sources that many of the Dick’s Sporting Goods locations already were sold out of their Steeler Championship Gear.

So, there you have it, email Marketing done right – hats off to Dick’s Sporting Goods and their stellar marketing efforts.


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