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Ennect Adds ‘Live Chat’ into Tools!

Now when you are logged in and using any of our Ennect tools you will have access to live chat.  This will be available for not only paying customers but also for folks who are logged in and reviewing our tools. We recognize the fact that questions come up and some features are not always […]

Mix Guerrilla Tactics with Internet Marketing Software

Let me propose three guerrilla tools/tactics which help me when working with our internet marketing software — see if you can suggest a few more in comments below: (1)  Excel for quick list manipulation; (2)  Word for quick text assessment; (3)  Notepad or TextEdit for text conversion. First, Excel.  I’m using Excel 2003 so this […]

email marketing gone bad!

As consumers we usually  appreciate when places we buy from know us and market to us based on a past history of  activity.   For example, let’s say I place  an item in my shopping cart at and do not finish the purchase.   I truly like the fact that will notify me via […]

Page Down

Since we are taking down The Big Game Survey Page, we just wanted to make sure the results could still be found. Check back regularly for more blog updates, changes, as well as Ennect tips and tricks!

The Big Game Survey Results

1: Big Game Cheering: I’ll watch the Big Game because my team is playing    (54%) I’ll watch the Big Game because I enjoy watching football  (26%) I’ll watch the Big Game for the commercials      (5%) I’ll watch the Big Game purely for the social aspect – it will be on everywhere    […]

Ennect Mail Enhancement

Ennect has made yet another enhancement to one of our tools.  Ennect Mail now has the ability to schedule broadcasts to send at a  future date and time. This new email scheduler can be appreciated as a simple yet very useful feature!  Sometimes you want to get those email blasts all written and cued up […]

How to Make the Most of One Event

A company (we will call them ABC) is hosting a series of webinars and they need a way for participants to register online for each webinar.     The dilemma became,  is it necessary to create  a separate event for each webinar just to be able to have participants register online?  Like so many other companies […]

Hats off to Dick’s Sporting Goods

After 3+ hours of biting my nails and screaming for our home town team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, I finally sat down at my computer  to check my email . There, waiting in my in box was email from Dicks Sporting Goods with the subject line, “The Steelers are Champions – Shop Championship Gear Now‏”. Wow, […]

Here We Go….!!!!

I am going to make a prediction that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl. I also predict that there will be moments of doubt throughout  the 4 quarters where the Steeler Nation is biting their nails and sitting on the edge of their seats.   But,  when all is said and done, the Black […]