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The Importance of a Marketing Calendar

Posted on | January 27, 2009 | No Comments

Companies start the new year with all sorts of  commitments.  One commitment that we hear on a regular basis is the commitment to send out a newsletter regularly.  There are countless  sources that tell us to stay in front of our clients/potential clients.  I think every marketer will agree that sending a newsletter is a simple,  cost effective way to stay in front of clients.  So great, that becomes the plan!

BUT,  what happens in June, when business heats up again and things are in full swing?  Many times the newsletter gets pushed to the side.  (The  same concept as  the ‘news years resolutions’ we all make.) One solid way to keep up the commitment to send out your newsletter on a regular basis is to come up with a marketing calendar early in the year.  Take the time to outline the topics of the newsletters months in advance.  Once you have a calendar of topics, writing the newsletter each becomes  a much easier task.

You will quickly see how your calendar of topics becomes your saving grace.  calmages


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