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Committed to Green for 2009?

Posted on | January 7, 2009 | No Comments

kermit1 The “green” initiative started sometime back in 2007 when some thought leaders began pointing out some little things we can all do to make a difference and help sustain our planet.

Like many other businesses we at Ennect kicked around the idea of creating a marketing campaign around the idea that our products help others to green their personal and business processes. If you think about it, they really do:

1.) Still printing your company newsletter on paper to send via snail-mail?

Solution: Ennect Mail

2.) Still mailing or passing out paper surveys to solicit feedback?

Solution: Ennect Survey

3.) Are you planning an event (of any kind) and sending out card stock invites with response cards?

Solution: Ennect Event

We understand that most online marketing tools can make the spin that using their product will help you green your business processes by eliminating paper and related activities — that’s one of the reasons why we abandoned the whole ‘go green using Ennect’ campaign idea. The importance of taking small steps to help sustain our precious earth should still be on everyone’s mind in this new year.

How will you “green” yourself and your business in 2009? Remember, every little bit helps!


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